Sustainability Checkup

Hang out with me for an hour to select and discuss two key areas of your life that we can update for the biggest impact on your happiness, the planet and your bank account. CLICK HERE to choose your two key areas to greater happiness and a kinder footprint on the planet.

Sustainability Starter Kit

Tired of the same old ho-hum of recycling and eating organic to live sustainably? Let’s dive deeper into creating a life where you pop out of bed excited for the day and making the world a better place. Instead of feeling overwhelmed you’ll walk around feeling overjoyed. CLICK HERE to read more about how we can create a life you love living AND supports a healthy planet.

Sustainability Makeover

No holds barred on this one. We’re going all the way. If you’re screaming inside, “take me to the top!” then this is for you. You are ready for a complete makeover in life, love and each footprint you put on the planet. CLICK HERE to read more.