I grew up sheltered, smack dab in the middle of North America, where the fields and sky go on forever and the joke is, you can see your dog run away for days.

I headed straight for the west coast and a little town called Whistler, British Columbia after high school. That is where my bubble was burst about the ways of the world.

While sitting in the afternoon sun, my boyfriend told me that the way we are living is killing the nature we love.

This one conversation changed the course of my life forever.


Ever since that warm and breezy August afternoon in 1994 I have been on a mission to make things better for the planet, creatures and people too.

Living a sustainable lifestyle is something we have to learn to do, in our lifetimes.

We are the last generation that has the opportunity to make the necessary changes to avoid catastrophic disasters that can end life on this planet as we know it. And we are SO lucky to be the history makers that steer us clear of such a story.

I needed a goal to aim for while learning to live my sustainable lifestyle.

Peak Sustainability©

a destination we aim for, while the trail to get there is unique to each of us.

Just like any good climber you still need skills and tools to get you to the peak, especially if you are charting a brand new route. I looked to the 3 pillars of sustainability; People, Planet, Profit, and I created an actionable methodology to support me on my climb …


And I’m so excited to share them with you! drumroll … they are:





Sustainability is deeeeep and wiiiiiide. It covers every thing, place, space and idea, which can make it overwhelming and hard to handle.

The 3C’s methodology helps break it down into simple and actionable steps.

Let me be your sherpa on the journey to Peak Sustainability©. CLICK HERE to learn more about the 3C’s of Sustainability© and we’ll climb together.

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